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Bankruptcy Reform

Who Can View My Bankruptcy Record and Why Does it Matter?

Filing a personal bankruptcy case is public record. Your case, however, is not something that the general public can obtain easily. Although various websites provide this information, they’re not as easy to access as you would think. Most of these sites require paid subscriptions - something that most people will not find valuable.

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How Exactly Does Bankruptcy Help?

When people arrive in my office, it’s often as a last resort. They’ve fought hard to try to stay afloat financially, but the waters of debt are rising too quickly. In many years as a bankruptcy attorney, I’ve seen countless individuals and families get the help they need from filing bankruptcy. So, how exactly does bankruptcy help?

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Bankruptcy Protects You and Your Property

Bankruptcy isn’t a process designed to take your property away. In fact, it’s a process intended to protect your rights and assets. You’ve worked hard for every cent you make and everything you own; you deserve to keep it.

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A Debt to Modernity

The personal exemptions granted to debtors under Minnesota law have grown antiquated in many respects, failing to take into account changes in values, technology and our collective sense of what constitutes “injury.” It’s time to refashion those laws for the realities of the 21st Century.

The rotary phone has been replaced by the smart phone. Electric cars are slowly displacing the internal combustion engine. Pacemakers and implants of all kinds have replaced blood-letting and the use of leeches in medical treatments.

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