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Bankruptcy Warning Signs

Ron Lundquist

Bankruptcy Warning Signs | Ron Lundquist Bankruptcy Lawyer - Eagan

Nobody wants to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is often a last resort for those struggling to maintain a financial footing. It’s something many people avoid at all costs and never believe they will be faced with the ultimate decision of filing. But it happens to people from all walks of life, for a number of different circumstances. The one uniting factor: They all want relief.

Instead of looking at bankruptcy as a type of failure, I see it as a way to offer the relief that so many people need. It might be due to a lost job, injury, or other unforeseen circumstance. No two bankruptcy cases are the same, and I don’t treat them the same for that reason.

If you are experiencing any of these financial issues, you may want to consider bankruptcy:

  • You are falling behind on credit card payments.
  • You are getting sued.
  • Your paycheck is being garnished.
  • Your bank account has been levied.
  • You are at least one payment behind on a car or house payment.
  • You are facing a foreclosure.
  • You are facing a repossession.
  • You have enough money to pay living expenses, but not enough money left to pay credit accounts.
  • Creditors are calling your work and home.
  • Creditors are refusing to reach settlements.
  • Credit card interest rates have increased due to late payments.
  • Credit card balances are increasing instead of decreasing from month-to-month.
  • Credit card minimum monthly payments are increasing.
  • Credit card limits have been reached.
  • Credit cards have been used to pay off other credit cards.
  • It is impossible to save money for retirement or even put some money into savings because there is no money left each month.
  • You have borrowed or are thinking about borrowing from your 401K or other retirement account, or you are taking out a home equity loan to pay creditors.
  • Your bank account goes negative.
  • You skimp on your basic needs to pay debt.
  • You worry so much about maintaining the bare necessities that you cannot sleep.

The bankruptcy warning signs above are not the only indicators that bankruptcy might be your answer for relief. You should trust your instinct about whether or not you should file. If you’re tired of creditor harassment and debts piling up, or if your emotional and mental health are suffering due to financial struggle, then you should seek help.

I am here to help you. As a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer for nearly 20 years, I have helped in a variety of bankruptcy cases for individuals and businesses. I understand the reasons for filing and I will not judge you for your decision.

Seek me out for an initial consultation in which I can offer you information about bankruptcy, your options, and the bankruptcy process. I can answer any questions you may have about what you are going through - from overdue bills to a home foreclosure - and I can give you peace of mind about making the ultimate decision to file for bankruptcy.

During the initial consultation, all you need to bring is yourself. You will describe what you are going through and each of the financial hardships you face. Together, we will create a plan and help ensure that your assets are protected as we enter the bankruptcy process. We can proceed as quickly or slowly as you need and are able to go.

From there, it’s a matter of paperwork and proceedings. You will take an online credit rebuilding course that will help you understand how to bounce back from your credit slump. I will represent you in a court hearing, and the rest is history. The bankruptcy process may only take a few months.

I am recognized as a debt relief agency, and provide bankruptcy relief using the laws of the State or Minnesota and the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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