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What to Expect

Ron Lundquist

What to Expect: Ron Lundquist Bankruptcy Lawyer

You’ve been through a lot - bill collectors calling you nonstop, medical bills, lawsuits, wage garnishments. It’s stressful. No matter what creditor harassment or other circumstances have caused you stress, you are looking for someone to lead you through the mess and give you a fresh start. That’s the role of a bankruptcy lawyer.

I believe you deserve a fresh start, and I will do everything in my power to help you achieve that. I am ready to meet with you to discuss your options.

Preparing for The Initial Consultation
For the initial consultation, you do not need to bring anything except a few recent pay stubs (if you are employed). But perhaps you are unemployed. In that case, you don’t need to bring anything.

No matter your employment status, you might be broke and worried about how much hiring a lawyer will cost. I don’t charge clients an arm and a leg, as other boutique firms do. People looking into bankruptcy have money problems, and I am sensitive to that. I charge clients a fair and honest price, and I am up front about what that price will be so that there are no unexpected surprises. You have enough to deal with.

The Interview
At the initial consultation, I will interview you about the five major issues that must be analyzed when considering bankruptcy. Those issues are:


The initial consultation interview usually takes 30-45 minutes, but we can talk as long as needed to gather all of the information I need from you and to answer all of your questions.

After the Interview
Once I know all the facts of your case, I will give you a customized list of materials needed to put your case together. If you’d like an idea of typical materials, you can find a general list here.

My Promise to You
From the initial consultation to the very last time we meet, I will not judge you. I have represented bankruptcy clients for a long time and have seen many different types of cases. I understand what it takes to accept bankruptcy as your best, and often only, path toward a debt-free future.

Every client has a good reason for filing bankruptcy. Some clients file bankruptcy because of a catastrophe, accident, or big life change. Maybe you’ve been through a divorce or a loved one has died. Perhaps sickness or disability has caused you to lose and job and income. For self-employed clients, a business may have suffered a downturn or failed due to economic pressures.

For other clients, financial pressure sneaks up. You might not have any problem meeting bills for many years. Then, one day, you wake up and find yourself served with a lawsuit, garnished wages, or an empty bank account. Debt tends to have a domino effect; when one bill becomes overdue, you pull from other bills to make up for the debt and send those bills into debt, too.

I understand. Every client is an individual, and every client has a story. Your story is important, and so is your happy ending. I want to give you a fresh start and the tools you need to maximize it.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to prospective clients is to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer right away rather than waiting. Creditor harassment won’t disappear on its own and you can’t escape from it by moving or changing jobs. Bill collectors will follow you, as will lawsuits and wage garnishments. It’s better to address them now and begin your fresh start sooner!

I am recognized as a debt relief agency, and provide bankruptcy relief using the laws of the State or Minnesota and the United States Bankruptcy Code.

If you’re ready for your fresh start, begin by making an appointment. Call today at 651-454-0007.

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