You’re here because you’re contemplating bankruptcy. Acknowledging that your finances are in jeopardy is a difficult thing to do. We all want to feel in control of our lives and secure in taking care of a family. But sometimes bankruptcy is necessary due to factors beyond our control. You can find stability again.


Don’t let the idea of bankruptcy intimidate you. Read below to find out how you can triumph over your financial hardship.


Hire A Trusted Bankruptcy Attorney

As your bankruptcy lawyer, I’m here to help you navigate bankruptcy without being intimidated. It’s my job to show you that bankruptcy isn’t a negative. It’s a step toward a fresh start. And though the process may seem foreign and complicated, I know and understand all of the little ins and outs of the paperwork, the process, and the court system.


After helping countless families and individuals through the process of bankruptcy, I have the experience necessary to alleviate your worry by answering your questions and informing you about what to expect along the way. With a trusted attorney by your side, there are no surprises. We build a plan together and see it through to the end in order to get the results you deserve.


Do Your Homework

An attorney can lay the bankruptcy options out before you and encourage you to file in a certain way, but the decisions about how and when to file are yours. You need to listen acutely to your lawyer about deadlines and expectations. There are materials you’ll most likely need to gather to help the lawyer fill out your bankruptcy paperwork effectively and efficiently. Not to mention, the more you understand, the less intimidating the process will seem. And the smoother the process, the quicker you can be on your way to starting over.


See Bankruptcy as a Financial Tool

Bankruptcy isn’t a stamp of failure, and it doesn’t mean you’ve given up. In fact, bankruptcy means just the opposite - that you are fighting to reclaim your life from the constant collection calls and the fear of intercepted wages. Congratulate yourself on moving forward to make a change, and use bankruptcy as a tool for that change.


Bankruptcy was set up by the government to enable you to create a financial plan when you encounter hardship. In certain circumstances, you can choose to pay off a percentage of the money you owe over time or through your assets. Or you can choose to seek debt forgiveness and protect every asset you own with exemptions. You can even protect your home from foreclosure.


Begin Your Fresh Start

You’ve considered bankruptcy, but now it’s time to take the next step. Once you begin the process, you’ll have the support of a bankruptcy lawyer and it won’t seem as intimidating as it does from your current position.


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